Hangouts Meet hardware

Fast, effective video meetings for the conference room.

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Makes meetings easier

Hangouts Meet hardware brings the same reliable, easy-to-join video meeting experience of Hangouts Meet to the conference room.

Its curated set of components work together end-to-end to make engaging HD meetings affordable—and headache-free—for any size meeting room.

Hangouts Meet hardware kit

Designed with intelligence

The speakermic, custom designed and built by Google, intelligently reduces echoes and actively manages background noise to deliver rich, immersive, crystal-clear 360˚ sound.

The camera shines in huddle rooms where it automatically zooms and crops based on the number of people in the room.

Hangouts Meet hardware 4k camera and speakermic

Easy to set up, easy to manage

In just minutes, you can set up Hangouts Meet hardware and connect with your team, whether they're on another floor or in another country.

The hardware kit can even self-diagnose any issues, and it automatically updates the firmware of all the components to the latest version to guarantee the best video experience, always. Remote device monitoring and management make it easy for administrators to stay in control, too.

Hangouts Meet hardware touch controller

One-click meetings

Deep integrations with G Suite make joining a meeting as simple as a tap on the controller. Register the room with Google Calendar, and your organization’s Hangouts meetings will automatically appear on the controller with all of the details.

For rooms of all shapes and sizes

The 4K camera features a 120˚ field of vision, perfect for a small huddle space or conference room. The speakermic hears and delivers crystal-clear audio in rooms of up to 250 sqft. You can even chain together additional speakermics with a single cable for larger rooms.

The power of Hangouts and Chrome

Hangouts Meet hardware uses the power and simplicity of an ASUS Chromebox to provide seamless, reliable access to Hangouts Meet from a conference room.

Top questions about Hangouts Meet hardware

How much does the Hangouts Meet hardware kit cost? What are the specs?

The Hangouts Meet hardware kit is available for USD $1,999. The kit includes: an ASUS Chromebox, a camera, a controller, and a speakermic. For full details about the kit and its components, see the spec sheet.

Is it possible to use other peripherals?

The Hangouts Meet hardware kit comes with a set of peripheral components (including camera and speakermic) designed to deliver the best experience possible. If you would like to use other peripherals, please check our Peripheral Qualification Program for more details.

How does Hangouts Meet hardware work with Jamboard?

Jamboard makes collaborative creativity a possibility even when teams are spread out all over the world. With just a couple of taps, cast your Jam to a Hangout so all participants can see ideas come to life, and even join-in using the Jamboard app.